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corrimal surf life saving club

Half way through September, I received the call to build a site that I’d been hoping to build for several years. In 2008, when my kids joined the local surf life saving club as Juniors in order to participate in their Nippers program teaching watercraft and beach safety, I let myself be volunteered to take […]

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millers point community

How better to start September than with a bit of community activism? The current NSW Government, a Liberal Party administration that has seen no less than 10 members resign or stand aside following corruption inquiries this year, is in the process of selling off swathes of public housing – previously occupied by low income earners

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ros bradley

Those of you who have been reading along for a while will know that one of the joys I get from web design and development is the opportunity to work with people and organisations over a number of years, crafting new approaches to their web presence that reflect ongoing changes in my clients’ lives and

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julie mccrossin

Back in August, I completed my second major redesign of a website for Julie McCrossin. Not only is Julie a client who has been with me for nearly a decade, and someone with a high public profile, she is a wonderful person for whom I want to do the best work possible. Maybe that’s not

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July saw me work on a project in collaboration with Hazel, something we don’t do all that often but which has led to some great results. In this case, the job was to design, construct and populate with content a small site for a trio of dauntingly high powered business investors who work under the

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the 4×4 factory

My web client work took a bit of a back seat during the rest of April and May, as I took up an opportunity to work in a content aggregation and curation role with a very interesting startup. It didn’t turn out to be a long term engagemen, but I’ll write about that some other time.

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change your school

The last site I wrote about working on was TECO, in March of this year. That time marks the start of my working with Canvas, a WordPress theme designed to work on the WooThemes framework. In April, I used Canvas to build a site called Change Your School, the web manifestation of a project run

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I must admit I had some reservations about putting myself back into the cut and thrust of hands-on web design and development. After writing and editing articles about the cutting edge at SitePoint, it all felt quite daunting. It’s not like I haven’t been creating websites the last couple of years (there should be a

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wall media

Some of you will know that I had a previous life as an actor. One of the most important lessons I learned is to “leave yourself alone”. This refers to the principle of not letting your skills preparation getting in the way of delivering a natural performance. Don’t overthink things, trust your training and let

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the cottage, merricks north

I don’t mind having the occasional wrestling match with search engine optimisation and search marketing, but when a long term client said they had a vacation property on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula they wanted to promote with a website, I wasn’t initially enthusiastic. That’s a tough market, with some unfair advantages built in for certain players

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