My Life in Football - Life Member

Recently, I came across a video on YouTube I’d forgotten about.

It’s an entry in the 2008 Tropfest short film competition called Enzo. It was directed by Sam Worthington (yes, star of Avatar, etc) and it featured Dorian Nkono as the title character, a football obsessive who has dreams of a pro and international representative career, even though his prospects appear limited.

Enzo reveals that he currently plays for Balmain Rovers. In real life, it was the actor Dorian who played for Balmain Rovers, a real team of which I was one of the founders.

But let’s rewind.

I played soccer (sic) from childhood in Tasmania up to my early 20s.

There was high school soccer, which I don’t recall going very well for me at all, and a season or two with local amateur club Metro – where my brother Andy played in an older division. And then were maybe three seasons with... read more