I make websites.

I do lots of related things – and lots of unrelated things – but my core business is designing and building accessible websites and filling them with engaging content.

I have a proven track record in building websites that are not only good looking, well structured, optimised for search engines, content-rich, user friendly, fast loading, secure and cross-browser compatible, but also valid, semantic, responsive, standards-compliant, WCAG-conformant – and successful.

I’ve always assumed making websites accessible was part of the job. This has in the last decade led to my working with people like AccessIQ, Simply Accessible, AccessibilityOz, Intopia and most recently Tenon, where I was part of a global team testing websites for accessibility and providing remediation advice.

My web writing and editing skills have brought me work with the likes of UX Australia, SitePoint, Web Directions and Smashing Magazine.

From my hideaway on the south coast of NSW, Australia, I maintain a small portfolio of web design clients, some of whom have been with me for over 15 years.

I am always available to discuss interesting projects that might involve building new websites, fixing or redesigning existing websites, testing for web and mobile accessibility, writing new copy, or proofreading and editing existing copy: contact me.