The Book of Daniel, by Jeff Apter

In The Book of Daniel, Jeff Apter has aggregated a lot of information about Daniel Johns, the prodigiously talented former lead singer of Silverchair and current eclectic and eccentric musical auteur (my description).

Some of that information came from Apter’s own previous book on Silverchair and its revised and updated edition, some came from Apter’s interviews with Johns and people close to him, and some came from other published and unpublished (and fully cited) material.

What is very clearly not there is the subject’s active, consenting and committed participation. What results is necessarily a series of observations by the author, with Daniel Johns’s perspective represented by the author based on what he’s heard and seen. That does not appear to include any extensive interviews with Johns for the purpose of this book.

Apter is a skilled writer, he has a lot of journalistic nous and as a Rolling Stone writer he can be taken... read more