the 4×4 factory

The 4x4 FactoryMy web client work took a bit of a back seat during the rest of April and May, as I took up an opportunity to work in a content aggregation and curation role with a very interesting startup.

It didn’t turn out to be a long term engagemen, but I’ll write about that some other time.

By June, though, I was ready to launch another site, this one a straight out commercial site, The 4×4 Factory.

A couple of years ago I built a site for The Muffler Centre, a local business focused on automotive exhaust systems. It worked well enough that the owner hired me again to build a separate site that focused on bigger machinery for the interstate market, Advanced Exhaust Solutions.

While I love working on sites that promote a cause I believe in, or support a person I admire, or empower a community group, or take a position that resonates with me personally, I also enjoy setting my skills to work on commercial operations.

When Paul contacted me earlier this year and asked me to build another site for a new venture of his focused on the Four Wheel Drive market, it was just the kind of grounded project I needed.

I set myself a two week timeframe for a site that would only run to six pages, a goal to make this bolder and brighter than my usual style and an assumption that this, too, would be a website built on Canvas.

All I had to start with was the name. I pulled together all the content, writing text that I couldn’t collate from product sites, and having a free hand with every aspect of the visual design. I aimed for what I can only call a “professional advertising” look.

Again, I’m very happy with how The 4×4 Factory turned out, and I know Paul is, too.

The 4x4 Factory

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