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ab communicates

Andrew Buchanan is a remarkable person. Not only does he know more about personal communication skills than anyone else I know, he has a singluar ability to draw the best out of people. He brings to his consultancy AB Communicates a rare combination of a highly technical understanding of how people communicate and a gift […]

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julie mccrossin

I’ve been given another opportunity to redesign an existing client’s site. In some lines of work, this might be regarded as a failure of the original work, but the web is developing so fast and in so many different ways that it’s almost a requirement to review any web presence on a regular basis to

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living is easy

John Petrozzi is an enterprising and dynamic chiropractor based in inner west Sydney. His Leichhardt practice gives him strong local roots, but his vision extends to improving the health of as many people as he can reach. Among his diverse range of projects is a weekly 30 minute radio show called Living is Easy on

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russell vale scouts

Working on pro bono websites continues to be an excellent way for me to hone my skills. The website for Russell Vale Scouts is my latest effort, and a good example of a very local group working within a global organisational structure. Or perhaps a better way of putting it is that Scouts is a

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Like Lennon & McCartney, Hazel and I operate under the Flyman Partners banner but most of our projects belong at least 90% to one or the other, although we help each other out wherever we can. When we do get to work properly together on a project, the results are pretty good, if I do

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russell vale junior football club

You might know that I play soccer for Russell Vale in the Masters division of the Illawarra Football Association. That club shares a ground and a name – but little else – with Russell Vale Junior FC. It won’t surprise that I volunteered to set up a website for them. Junior club President Garry Luyten

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brad serhan

Brad Serhan is a loudspeaker designer. What he does is marry cutting edge technology with an audio artist’s aesthetic understanding to create truly superior loudspeakers. In Brad’s case, that often involves creating the cutting edge technology required, or at least applying the known in a new way. He’s without doubt one of the best in

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balmain rovers

Had a message today from my old mate Sergio, the last of the original Balmain Rovers with whom I formed the team in 1998, to say he has finally retired from All Age football and will be playing Over 35s for West Ryde next season. For those who like to know these things, Fiorenza S.

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ochre energy

Being a gun-for-hire is quite liberating in some ways, but I think I would tire of it quickly if I had to do it on anything other than an occasional basis. I’ve just finished putting together an HTML implementation of graphic designer’s website comp for a company called Ochre Energy. Ben Phillips of mello came

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