russell vale junior football club

Russell Vale Junior Football ClubYou might know that I play soccer for Russell Vale in the Masters division of the Illawarra Football Association. That club shares a ground and a name – but little else – with Russell Vale Junior FC.

It won’t surprise that I volunteered to set up a website for them. Junior club President Garry Luyten showed great interest in taking a hands-on role in managing the site and expanding it over time, so I set out to design a site that was complete but basic.

WordPress was again the obvious content management system to use, and Atahualpa stood out as the theme of choice, mostly because it offers that modular but flexible approach to finessing the structure and design.

For those who are interested in such things, we used WordPress 2.9 as the content management system, adapting the Atahualpa theme (again).

For particular functionality and layout, we installed the following plug-ins:

Alkivia SidePosts Version 3.0.2

We also installed what have become our standard plug-ins: Akismet, WordPress Automatic Upgrade and WordPress Firewall, and installed Google Analytics code for traffic tracking.

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