ochre energy

Ochre Energy : melloBeing a gun-for-hire is quite liberating in some ways, but I think I would tire of it quickly if I had to do it on anything other than an occasional basis.

I’ve just finished putting together an HTML implementation of graphic designer’s website comp for a company called Ochre Energy.

Ben Phillips of mello came up with a design that was visually very strong – a palette of warm, earthy and related colours – and highly functional in delivering information about the company and what it does.

Ben had a clear idea of what he wanted the website to be, and my job was to enable that vision: in every version of every browser, from IE6 through Firefox, Chrome and Opera on PC through Safari to Mozilla on a Mac – a browser I hadn’t previously been set up to test.

An interesting tweak to the process was the decision to make a static HTML version in order to meet production deadlines, but with a plan to convert to a dynamic, CMS-managed site in the near future.

It all had to be done yesterday, of course, and I was pretty pleased to get it done in a short enough time to make it worthwhile.