ThinkSmart Like Lennon & McCartney, Hazel and I operate under the Flyman Partners banner but most of our projects belong at least 90% to one or the other, although we help each other out wherever we can.

When we do get to work properly together on a project, the results are pretty good, if I do say so myself.

We’ve known Therese Fuller socially for many years now and she was very keen to draw on our combined skills to design and build a web presence for her management consultancy ThinkSmart.

Management consultancy, change management, corporate consultant, human resources, staff management, professional development: the web is awash with self-proclaimed experts on these subjects. Our task was to make ThinkSmart stand out.

This is where content, particularly text content, proves its critical importance.

Good writing is hard to find on the web. Actually, that’s not true. It’s easy enough to find if you know what to look for, but it’s enormously outnumbered by the vast morass of mediocre-to-poor writing on the net.

So it’s good to have someone on board who not only knows good writing when she sees it, but can turn good writing into great writing and great web copy, AND come up with it herself on demand, to length, in required style, on time, every time.

In this case, it also helps that ThinkSmart has the track record: client list, testimonials, case studies – and hence, the web content – to substantiate the credibility and authority of Therese and her colleagues in this highly competitive field.

We used WordPress 2.9 as the content management system, adapting the Caribou 1.0.6 theme.

The only plug-ins we installed were the increasingly ‘standard’ WP-ContactForm, Akismet, WordPress Automatic Upgrade and WordPress Firewall.

We also installed Google Analytics code for traffic tracking.

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