julie mccrossin

Julie McCrossinI’ve been given another opportunity to redesign an existing client’s site.

In some lines of work, this might be regarded as a failure of the original work, but the web is developing so fast and in so many different ways that it’s almost a requirement to review any web presence on a regular basis to make sure it’s doing its job properly, and to take advantage of the burgeoning bag of web tricks that keep emerging.

In addition, a client may themselves also change: their basic set of services, who they see as their market, and how they want to portray themselves to that market.

A case in point is Julie McCrossin.

I’ve been managing Julie’s website for four years now and, while it has incrementally reflected changes in her working life, the time came for a complete structural and design overhaul as she enters a new phase of the business of being Julie McCrossin.

We used WordPress 2.9.2 as the content management system, once again adapting the Atahualpa theme.

For particular functionality and layout, we installed the following plug-ins:


Clean Archives Reloaded Version 3.1.8

Alkivia SidePosts

Fast and Secure Contact Form

Simple Archive Generator

WordPress Automatic Upgrade4

WordPress Firewall

WP Events Calendar

We also installed Google Analytics to track site traffic.

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