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AB Communicates Andrew Buchanan is a remarkable person.

Not only does he know more about personal communication skills than anyone else I know, he has a singluar ability to draw the best out of people.

He brings to his consultancy AB Communicates a rare combination of a highly technical understanding of how people communicate and a gift for analysing and improving corporate management.

I don’t know whether he had those characteristics before he started a 25 year climb from regional on-air broadcaster to General Manager Local Radio for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, running a national network of 58 radio stations, or whether he has built up that skill set over time.

It makes perfect sense to put communication skills and corporate management skills together like that – I just don’t see many other people who have so successfully mastered both. And manage to remain a fundamentally good bloke.

Having managed Andrew’s consultancy website for a few years, I’ve now been allowed to give it a complete overhaul.

That gave me the chance to again review just what Andrew does, how he does it and how people can use his talents. Remarkable.

We used WordPress 3.0 as the content management system, adapting the Thesis theme.

FYI, I am very aware of the current argument between Thesis developer Chris Pearson and WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg about whether the fact that Pearson charges for use of the theme contravenes the GPL conditions applied to use of the content management system.

Personally, I am sympathetic to both points of view, and I can only hope the resolution of this situation leads to greater clarity in the relationship between free and paid web applications.

We installed the following plug-ins:

Fast and Secure Contact Form
Random Text
WordPress Automatic Upgrade
WordPress Firewall

We also installed Google Analytics to track site traffic.

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