wipa usability and eyetracking seminar

WIPA Eyetracking Seminar Last year, I was elected to the Committee of Web Industry Professionals Association.

WIPA is an organisation that brings Australian web professionals together to exchange ideas, participate in debate, advance education and promote ethical practice.

One of WIPA’s activities is holding or assisting events like this one that will help achieve positive outcomes for the web industry in Australia.

Usability and Eyetracking Seminar: an afternoon seminar with Dr Peter Brawn and Dr John Eklund on the latest eyetracking technologies and the challenges of ensuring usability during Agile Development.

Eyetracking – Applications in Digital and Media – Peter Brawn

This presentation is a practical introduction to eyetracking in which the latest mobile unit will be demonstrated.

Peter will introduce the field, describe how the technology works and how it is providing unique insights in evaluating websites as key part of usability studies.

Included in the session is a demonstration of the latest advancements in mobile eye tracking with a device that allows us to explore user behaviour with authentic materials and environments.

Peter Brawn

Dr Peter Brawn has a PhD in Visual Attention and led the introduction of the first commercial eyetracking service in Australia. His website may be found at www.eyetracker.com.au. As a practicing usability practitioner he has integrated eyetracking into studies covering both digital and advertising media, and is supported by a network of independent professionals in UX Research.

Challenges for Usability in Agile Development – John Eklund

Agile methods of development prescribe rapid prototyping and minimal documentation, and are particularly suitable for creating web interfaces for businesses, encouraging throw-away prototypes and allowing designers the freedom to be more creative.

This session discusses ways that project managers can meet the challenges of rapid development with user centred methods that will assure the usability of their systems and ultimately customer satisfaction.

The talk will focus on practical methods in a step-by-step guide covering the place of usability in a project lifecycle, how it is implemented and executed and what to expect in usability from an external supplier.

John Eklund

John Eklund has a doctorate in Education from The University of Sydney in the area of interface design of instructional systems. He has conducted a multitude of usability studies for a wide range of government and corporate clients, and has over 50 publications in refereed journals and conference proceedings. John was formerly a university lecturer and head of the usability division at a software testing company for over 8 years. He is the founder and senior analyst of UX Research, a company dedicated to providing user centred design services.

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