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Understanding Disability: Ableism

Understanding Disability: Ableism

Ableism Explained A common definition of ableism is that it is discrimination and social prejudice against people with disabilities. That’s undoubtedly true, but ableism can also be described as discrimination in favor of non-disabled people. The distinction lies in how ableism — sometimes subtly, sometimes blatantly — puts forward the myth of the superiority of non-disabled

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my top tools for 2012

I thought it might be worth sharing the tools that changed the way I worked in 2012. I use the word ‘tools’ because it allows me to include just about anything I use to get work done: software, hardware, products, services … whatever gets me through the day (and, too often, night). Last year, there

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wipa aria-html5 workshops

Bookings are now open for the ARIA and HTML 5 workshops in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane. Perth bookings will be available in the near future. You can make bookings on the WIPA site. Seeing as it’s only $60 for WIPA and AWIA members ($90 non-members) for three and a half hours with Steve Faulkner

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8 faces

I feel very fortunate to work in an industry where art and science, creativity and technology, form and function come together in the way they do. The web industry, in turn, is fortunate to have people like Andy Clarke, Mark Boulton and Elliot Jay Stocks to inspire us to seek and achieve beauty in our

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html5 for web designers

At last year’s Web Directions South conference, there was a session presented by Lachlan Hardy on The Open Web, a topic that until then had seemed to me impossibly esoteric and arcane. Could have been the name that threw me, I dunno. Anyway, Lachlan made perfect sense of it all by explaining it logically and

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I’ve had the pleasure of reorganising our home library over the last few days. By library I mean our total collection of books, rather than a purpose-specific room to house them. That comes later. The 2,600+ books we have are in fact spread across our house: living room, office, rumpus room, kitchen and bedrooms. They

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I’ve just had a look at Google‘s new Chrome browser and there is quite a lot to like: it’s slick, unfussy, fast-loading, and it mostly displays sites as I would expect it to. I’m sympathetic to the exercise, and I like the idea of a browser that integrates even more closely the various Google apps

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