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Web Directions and Me

Web Directions and I go way back. Back even to before Web Directions was Web Directions.

Managing Multiple WCAG Failures

Identifying different kinds of multiple failures and understanding their nature helps web developers, designers, and content authors create accessible websites, and auditors to provide better guidance when they don’t.

WCAG 3.0: Further On Up the Road

Back in December 2022, we published a blog post covering what was in the latest Working Draft of the W3C Accessibility Guidelines Version 3, published on 7 December 2021. We’ll call that WCAG3, for short. WCAG3 is designed to be the replacement for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Version 2. Note the difference in name, …

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WCAG 3.0: are we there yet?

WCAG 3.0

In short: no. Overview On 7 December 2021, the W3C Accessible Guidelines Working Group published a Working Draft of the W3C Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 3.0. So, that’s it, right? Pack WCAG 2 off to the junkyard? The standard is dead, long live the standard? Well, no. A Working Draft is published to invite feedback and …

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A Word About Language

It Pays to Increase Your Word Power

I’ve spent a good portion of this week writing about WCAG 3.0, the third version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. As the name states, WCAG is a set of guidelines – not rules – about how to implement digital accessibility: making websites, apps and other digital products accessible to people with disabilities. Nevertheless, it …

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