reading list

InsitesTitle: Insites: The Book
Author: Keir Whitaker and Elliot Jay Stocks
Publisher: Viepwort Industries
Why: Twenty interviews with 21 of “the most inspiring designers, developers, and businesspeople in the web and tech industries” in a very classy 256 full colour softcover boxed set.

Practical CSS3Title: Practical CSS3: Develop and Design
Author: Chris Mills
Publisher: Peachpit
Why: A well-organised, practical and thoughtful step through of what CSS3 can do, by Opera Developer Relations Manager Mills, a stalwart of open standards, accessibility and usability.

Photoshop CS6 UnlockedTitle: Photoshop CS6 Unlocked
Author: Corrie Haffly
Publisher: SitePoint
Why: Now that my Creative Collection subscription gives me every Adobe tool under the sun, I’d better start making better use of them, starting with Photoshop.

Jump Start CoffeeScriptTitle: Jump Start CoffeeScript
Author: Earle Castledine
Publisher: SitePoint
Why: A new series from SitePoint, shorter in format and heavily focused on practical knowledge. Disclosure: I don’t read SitePoint books because I work for them, I work for them because I read their books.

Offscreen 3Title: Offscreen No 3
Author: various
Publisher: Offscreen
Why: Continues to impress as it profiles web and design professionals. A great example of text being beautiful to read. The Chris Coyier interview alone is worth the price of entry.

8 Faces #5Title: 8 Faces #5
Author: edited by Elliot Jay Stocks
Publisher: 8 Faces
Why: More interviews and profiles. Again, beautifully put together. Web people create some of the best print experiences. Take a bow, Elliot.

Web Directions South 2012Title: Web Directions South 2012
Author: Web Directions
Publisher: Web Directions
Why: Because I’m in it! No, really, because Web Directions South just recently in Sydney was again a mind- and skillset-expanding experience. Each year, I retrun to my tribe. I use the conference program to make notes to later prompt myself to follow up and explore the topics. Rich pickings.

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