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REMORANDOM, by Remo Giuffré

Sure, you know what the Limbo dance is, but do you know of its origins on slave ships? How the Slinky came to be? Who invented Scrabble? Jigsaw puzzles? Safety pins? Who the Huldufólk are, or what a Balikbayan box is?

Digital Accessibility Books

Digital accessibility books: does anyone still write them? Or read them? You bet they do!

Dark Desert Highway, by Mick Wall

If you’re interested in the whole California country rock phenomenon, focused on the Eagles but with lots of cameos, this is a quick and highly entertaining read.

Such is Life, by Tom Collins

I’m currently re-reading (for what must be the fifth or sixth time) Such is Life, by Tom Collins, which in itself tells you that this is one of my favourite books.

The Mighty ‘Bras, by Paul Connolly

Credit to Paul Connolly, he’s a smart cookie. He has released an updated version of his 2010 book The Mighty ‘Bras at just the right time. The Mighty ‘Bras recounts Connolly’s 11 seasons as the Coach of the Brunswick Zebras, a woman’s football team based in suburban Melbourne, with players ranging in age from teenagers …

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Shake Some Action, by Stuart Coupe

For some reason, I’ve read a lot of books about the Australian rock music industry. I’m not sure exactly why – you’d think I’d read more books about theatre, or disability, or digital stuff. I thought it had something to do with my fan-boi mentality, maybe a hidden desire to be a groupie. But I’ve …

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Lobrow, by Roger Grierson

Roger Grierson has a perspective on the Australian music industry that can rightfully be described as unique. Surely there can’t be many other people who start out as part of independent alternative band in the late 70s to eventually become the Chairman of Festival Records and then Senior Vice President of Newscorp Music, before retiring …

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