juniper films

Another site I designed and built went live tonight. Juniper Films are documentary film makers who specialise in capturing stories and images of the South Pacific. Their 30+ year history is also marked by a pretty handy sideline in chronicling lives and events in the Australian arts industry. A highly enjoyable project, this one. Just […]

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tooling australia

It’s probably time I owned up to this one. That might sound like an odd way to add another site to my portfolio, but the Tooling Australia project is a bit different to the others. It’s been built for Internet Explorer, for a start. Yes, that is the browser that is used by – as

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this way to the sea

My fourth site launch in the last three weeks – will the madness never end? Still and all, I’d rather have too much work than not enough. I’m still not quite convinced that this web design / development bubble won’t suddenly burst. This website is for a book called This Way to the Sea, a

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languages education in australia

March madness continues as another site goes live. Apart from presenting another challenge of getting as close as possible to a truly “good” site (with all that implies about the quality of the code, structure, content, design etc), this one has two aspects that may be of particular interest. Firstly, the Languages Education in Australia

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financial education professionals

Another day, another site launch. This project has the distinguishing characteristic of being a revamp of an existing site, also designed and built by me for Financial Education Professionals in October 2003. My client is a provider of training services to financial insititutions, helping them to meet their obligations under Australian company law. This is

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ab communicates

Another site I designed and built was launched on to the web today. This one is for AB Communicates, a Sydney-based consultancy that draws on the immense skills and experience of Andrew Buchanan. Andrew has a very interesting history and a very interesting line of work. I first met him when he was (I think)

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search summit

I had the pleasure of attending Search Summit 2007 this week, which bills itself as “THE Australian Search Marketing Conference”. That would be a big call for any conference, let alone one that focuses on what is now called ‘the search industry’, but it lived up to the billing. The speaker who was probably most

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web standards and accessibility

I’ve recently dipped my virtual toes into the waters surrounding web standards and accessibility. This has involved absorbing current and past opinions offered by members of the Web Standards Project and participating in the mail list maintained by the Web Standards Group. WSP provides lot of food for thought about the big picture – why

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maton cw80/6

In 1977 I bought my first guitar. I’d been playing for a few years by then, originally pulled in by my older brother’s need to have someone play the bass line of Spicks and Specks while he sang and soloed. By the age of 18, however, I’d outgrown Andy’s hand-me-down nylon string classical and even

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don’t make me think

When I started working in IT, I acquired a reputation for having an ‘affinity’ with computers. This was, of course, complete nonsense. All I did, that no-one else seemed to do, was read the manual. That’s not always a small feat, given that many computer-related manuals seem to have been written by people for whom

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