FullCodePressPens down!

For the past 24 hours, I’ve been following the progress of FullCodePress, the local section of an international competition to build a website in a day under controlled conditions.

Australian and New Zealand teams of designers, coders, programmers, content managers and usability professionals have been locked up since 9.30am yesterday until just a short time ago, both building complete websites for a selected non-profit organisation.

The results are spectacular. They will of course be judged on a lot more than appearances, but even a cursory look at the code shows beauty is much more than skin deep.

I know the work of some of the Australian contingent and they have maintained their already high standards on this project. When people like David McDonald and Ruth Ellison are involved, you just know you’re going to get good work.

And congratulations to WIPA and Webstock for organising this event. The results will be announced at noon today.

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