no new iron cove bridge

No New Iron Cove BridgeI was dead impressed by fullcodepress.Back in August, fullcodepress involved a team of Australians and a team of New Zealanders competing to each build a full website in 24 hours under controlled conditions.

A panel of judges assessed which one best met the contest criteria, and a couple of not-for-profit good causes had terrific websites built for them.

Being a jack of all trades myself, I thought then about how I’d go in a solo version of the build-a-site-in-a-day caper.

So when one of my longer term clients said a couple of days ago that they needed a website built “in a hurry” for “a good cause”, I set myself the task of building the No New Iron Cove Bridge website inside a day.

OK, I didn’t make it dynamic (I’m working my way through some Sitepoint books) and it’s not as stylish as the fullcodepress results, but it does validate and passes accessibility checks. For a self-imposed pens-down-after-24-hours effort, I thought it came out pretty well.

It was the list of proposed team members:

  1. Project manager,
  2. User experience advocate (information architecture and usability)
  3. Graphic designer
  5. Programmer
  6. Content editor/writer
  7. Captain’s choice

…that set me to thinking, as the areas of expertise represent pretty much exactly what I do by myself.
Just for the record, part of the impact of the proposed bridge changes at Iron Cove is on an area used by the football club I played for in Sydney for eight years.

Like many people in Rozelle and Drummoyne, I think the plans for addressing an acknowledged traffic bottlelneck by creating further bottlenecks doesn’t make sense in the short term or the long term.


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