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A Summer of Rock Books

Well, here it is the third day of March, which means summer in Australia is technically over. As I sit here in 30 degree heat looking at a cloudless, sparkling blue sky with just a mild, cooling breeze – that’s hard to credit. Nevertheless, it’s as good a time as any to summarise my summer […]

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Don Walker

When I started this binge of Oz Rock books, I was fully expecting that some individuals would recur from book to book, being significant figures in our music industry – people like Ted Albert, George Young, Philip Mortlock, Michael Gudinski and Molly Meldrum. And, indeed they all do pop up variously in The Angels by […]

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ashton d29ceqtsb

My son Cormac has been talking about picking up the guitar again. Being 12 now and all grown up, the 3/4 size Valencia nylon string classical he used in early music classes is not going to cut it. He’s been displaying more interest in making music lately, and I was pretty impressed when he worked […]

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living is easy

John Petrozzi is an enterprising and dynamic chiropractor based in inner west Sydney. His Leichhardt practice gives him strong local roots, but his vision extends to improving the health of as many people as he can reach. Among his diverse range of projects is a weekly 30 minute radio show called Living is Easy on […]

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kate mcgarrigle

As I get older, it’s inevitable that I witness the passing of my personal heroes. Some have shocked me, some have perplexed me, all have saddened me. The death of Kate McGarrigle took me by surprise. She and her sister came to my attention in the early 1980s when I had moved from Hobart to […]

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brad serhan

Brad Serhan is a loudspeaker designer. What he does is marry cutting edge technology with an audio artist’s aesthetic understanding to create truly superior loudspeakers. In Brad’s case, that often involves creating the cutting edge technology required, or at least applying the known in a new way. He’s without doubt one of the best in […]

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