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the giacomo variations

I went to see the Sydney Festival production of The Giacomo Variations at the Sydney Opera House on Saturday night. It was as challenging, engaging and inspired a piece of theatre as I have seen in many a day. To my mind, it is ideal festival fare, stretching the boundaries of how theatre and music […]

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living is easy

John Petrozzi is an enterprising and dynamic chiropractor based in inner west Sydney. His Leichhardt practice gives him strong local roots, but his vision extends to improving the health of as many people as he can reach. Among his diverse range of projects is a weekly 30 minute radio show called Living is Easy on

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kate mcgarrigle

As I get older, it’s inevitable that I witness the passing of my personal heroes. Some have shocked me, some have perplexed me, all have saddened me. The death of Kate McGarrigle took me by surprise. She and her sister came to my attention in the early 1980s when I had moved from Hobart to

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brad serhan

Brad Serhan is a loudspeaker designer. What he does is marry cutting edge technology with an audio artist’s aesthetic understanding to create truly superior loudspeakers. In Brad’s case, that often involves creating the cutting edge technology required, or at least applying the known in a new way. He’s without doubt one of the best in

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in rainbows

Things I like about Radiohead’s In Rainbows: That it can be downloaded. I’m really not fussed that the file quality means I’m not getting the best possible sound. Between the quality of my ears and my equipment, I can’t tell the difference anyway. That it is jaw-droppingly good. The music envelopes and invades me. I

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maton cw80/6

In 1977 I bought my first guitar. I’d been playing for a few years by then, originally pulled in by my older brother’s need to have someone play the bass line of Spicks and Specks while he sang and soloed. By the age of 18, however, I’d outgrown Andy’s hand-me-down nylon string classical and even

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arty fufkin

As Paul Simon nearly said “I’m the first to admit it – I’m the last one to know”. The WD06 conference in September was the first time I’d come across mashups – the use of two or more web applications to create new blended content that is greater than its parts. An (already) classic example

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suburban songbook

Bob Evans is the alter ego of Kevin Mitchell, front man for Jebediah, a WA band I’ve been fond of since their Slightly Odway album of 1997. Nice thrashy guitars, a strong backbeat, poppy and loud. Bob released an acoustic solo album in 2003 called Suburban Kid, recalling for me other favoured singer songwriters like

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theme time radio hour

I’ve always been an admirer rather than a fan of Bob Dylan. While some of his songs have touched me, I’m more respectful of his status as a great American musical poet than empassioned by his work. However, I have a whole new take on the man after listening to his one hour XM Satellite

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