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Hobart, June 2023

Jean and Bernard Pidd

It has been 29 years since I was last in Hobart, and 44 years since I moved to the mainland. People on the mainland are often bemused that Tasmanians call it that, like it’s some weird chip that islanders have on their collective shoulder. But it’s really just a practical term, like the difference between

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Corrimal Churches

Corrimal Churches

St Columbkille’s Catholic Church   Walking a Border Collie twice a day means we follow lots of interesting paths around where we live in Corrimal. Scout being 11 years old now, she likes to find new routes with excuses to stop and smell the roses, get a few pats from kids and growl at other

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Public Art in Corrimal

Public art in Corrimal

Corrimal is quite a suburban kind of suburb. We have a Woolworth’s, a Coles and an Aldi but on the other hand we don’t have a stand alone greengrocer. There’s pretty much one or two of most shops you need (if you count hardware superstore Bunnings in the next suburb over), although there’s also 14

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A Guide to Sighs

Bridge of Sighs

I’ve become aware that I am sighing a lot more than I used to. I’m not completely sure, because until now I’ve never really measured how much or how often I sigh. But I have the impression I’m sighing a lot and that can only be because I am, right? I mean, you’d only notice

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A Summer of Rock Books

rock music books

Well, here it is the third day of March, which means summer in Australia is technically over. As I sit here in 30 degree heat looking at a cloudless, sparkling blue sky with just a mild, cooling breeze – that’s hard to credit. Nevertheless, it’s as good a time as any to summarise my summer

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Don Walker

When I started this binge of Oz Rock books, I was fully expecting that some individuals would recur from book to book, being significant figures in our music industry – people like Ted Albert, George Young, Philip Mortlock, Michael Gudinski and Molly Meldrum. And, indeed they all do pop up variously in The Angels by

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Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons

Last year’s Dungeons & Dragons birthday party for Cormac went so well, he and his mates wanted to do it again. Can’t just repeat the exercise, so this year will be a Zombie Apocalypse, where the boys play themselves with D&D style skills and weapons trying to stop zombie attacks in modern day, real time

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brilliant orange

It must be a year ago that I stayed overnight with my brother in Melbourne, and he told me about this book. He made it sound fascinating, and I said I’d make sure to look it up. Naturally, I forgot all about it. Until a month ago, when @vanderwal mentioned it in a tweet. I

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