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Dungeons & DragonsLast year’s Dungeons & Dragons birthday party for Cormac went so well, he and his mates wanted to do it again.

Can’t just repeat the exercise, so this year will be a Zombie Apocalypse, where the boys play themselves with D&D style skills and weapons trying to stop zombie attacks in modern day, real time Corrimal.

If all goes well, by 5pm on Saturday they should be capturing the evil scientist at the University of Wollongong who is behind it all (a climate change denier).

Epic? Gilgamesh has nothing on this.

UPDATE: 23 June

Well, Cormac’s Dungeons & Zombies birthday went off without a hitch (except that they finished an hour early: smartarse teenagers solved all my puzzles with ease).

They loved using Google maps to get from Corrimal to the Uni and stop the zombie apocalypse, especially using weapons I pulled from their fave video games.

Admittedly, they did seriously consider joining the evil professor Lomborg and destroying all of humanity but let’s put that down to hi jinks.

All good.

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