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lars rasmussen

I had to chuckle at the caption accompanying this photo for the Sydney Morning Herald’s story today on Google’s tenth anniversary. “Kate Vale and an engineer, Lars Rasmussen, at Google’s office in Darling Park.” Being a Lead Engineer for Google Maps clearly didn’t impress the journos too much. They probably wondered how a lowly engineer …

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facebook up to your responsibilities

There is definitely good reason to be careful when using Facebook – and it’s not limited to that social networking application by any means. Sharing information like your mother’s maiden name (commonly used by banks etc as extra security questions) with even your close friends online is asking for trouble. And Facebook does make it …

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all in a day’s work

Yesterday was unusual.I was picked up by taxi from my Corrimal home at 6.30am for an hour-and-fifteen drive to Sydney Airport, where I boarded a four hour flight to Perth. I was picked up at Perth Airport and driven to a two hour meeting with Bam Creative about working together on a new web project. …

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qwerty v dvorak

I haven’t completely pondered all the implications of this, but I’m sure it means something. I’ve previously sung the praises of my favourite online store REMO, purevyors of many nifty and beautiful things. In a recent newsletter, REMO advised that they were offering a new t shirt featuring the Dvorak keyboard. They even provided an …

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Sometimes you just have to get away from the Web. There are few places better suited to this than Ruwenzori. A friend of mine who’s a train buff has hauled some railway carriages to a hilltop just north of Mudgee (about four hours drive northwest of Sydney). Scott and his wife Wendy have renovated these …

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the village

The term ‘global village’ still gets tossed around to convey the reach and sensibility of the web, but we shouldn’t forget about the ‘local village’ either. Some things you just can’t get from a screen or a headset. Like the excitement of performers in the flesh, so close you can touch them, making magic happen. …

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There are some interesting places on the web. There are some very good shops online. There are some brilliantly designed websites. There aren’t all that many sites that ooze charm, intelligence and wit as well as being brilliantly designed, interesting and a very good shop. I love REMO.