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School Daze

The more I think about it, the more I understand how who I am now has been shaped in significant ways by my school days. I’ve remarked elsewhere about how Abbotsfield Primary School shaped me. When my family arrived in Australia in 1965 they were advised that, as I was not yet five years old, […]

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change your school

The last site I wrote about working on was TECO, in March of this year. That time marks the start of my working with Canvas, a WordPress theme designed to work on the WooThemes framework. In April, I used Canvas to build a site called Change Your School, the web manifestation of a project run

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While I’m at it, I’ve lately also enjoyed giving the Australian Council of State School Organisations website a makeover. ACSSO is a long term client and one that I value because the subject matter matters. Having not so long converted the site to WordPress (admittedly in a clumsy albeit functional manner), it was good to

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wipa aria-html5 workshops

I should explain some of the references in that last post. WIPA is the Web Industry Professional Association, “an organisation that brings Australian Web professionals together to exchange ideas, participate in debate, advance education and promote ethical practice”. More information will be made available shortly (ie as soon as I write the next newsletter) about

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ensemble: music education in australia

My stable of sites for the Australian Council of State School Organisations continues to grow. To complement the existing main ACSSO site, the Families Matter site, the Values in Education site and the Languages Education site, I’ve just completed Ensemble, focusing on Music Education in Australia. These sites come out of ACSSO’s approach to identifying

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