ACSSOWhile I’m at it, I’ve lately also enjoyed giving the Australian Council of State School Organisations website a makeover.

ACSSO is a long term client and one that I value because the subject matter matters.

Having not so long converted the site to WordPress (admittedly in a clumsy albeit functional manner), it was good to be able to expand what should be an important interface between the peak national body for public school parent organisations and anyone with an interest in public education in Australia.

In the past few years, ACSSO has consolidated its role as a provider of information-as-advocacy to public education stakeholders. Much of this has been focused on web technology and information aggregation, and has developed some very solid information products.

These products – by which I mean mainly websites and email newsletters (produced by me) – have in turn created a direct dialogue with stakeholders that we’re seeking to expand through the website.

So far, it seems to be working well.

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