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Advanced Exhaust SolutionsAnother reason why it can be good to stay with clients over time is being given the opportunity to develop new websites as the company grows and expands its business.

ACSSO is a prime example of this, having grown from a single website to a stable of ten with more on the way, but our newest site Advanced Exhaust Solutions also falls into this category.

The new site came about as a result of success of the Muffler Centre website in attracting interest in the corporate and industrial products and services the company offers.

That new market has developed well enough to warrant its own company name, branding and – of course – website.

It’s not a complicated site: just static five pages in total, tightly optimised for search engines – which is, of course, much the same as being optimised for potential customers.

Search engine optimisation is, in my view, mostly a matter of optimising websites for visitors and then making sure the search engines find, index and display the site correctly to searchers most likely to want to find the site.

This requires much greater understanding of content and site users than it does of search engines. Search engines are just trying to imitate users. User-friendly = search-friendly.

Search engine optimisation is one of the services we charge for at Flyman Partners, but I don’t mind stating the principles we work to, as getting the right SEO outcomes all depends on how those principles are applied.

So here, then, are my top four SEO tips:

  • Content is the supreme ruler of the universe. Write well, tell the truth and be concise. If you want professional results, hire a professional.
  • Use the Title tag as a one-line keyword-rich descriptor for each page. Five-to-eight well-chosen words will positively affect search rankings.
  • Use the Meta Description tag as a 25-30 word keyword-rich descriptor for the whole site. This will not affect search rankings but it will affect what searchers see in search result lists.
  • Make internal and external links as meaningful, accessible and user-friendly as possible and they will be search engine-friendly too.

This is to ignore the Golden Rule of SEO:

Generate inbound contextual text links to your site from legitimate and appropriate external sites.

However, in my view this is a bit like saying “Be popular”.

In fact, it’s exactly like saying that, because that is basically the logic that search engines use.

It’ll be interesting to see how effective our efforts to encourage popularity will be for Advanced Exhaust Solutions.

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