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Derek Featherstone at WDS08Three sessions into Web Directions South for this year, and it’s shaping up as another winner.

Lynne D. Johnson’s opening keynote was a cracker. A very engaging speaker, Lynne addressed the issue of whether, as a result of emerging web technologies, print as an information medium is dying or dead.

Personally, I think reports of print’s death are somewhat premature, but that didn’t stop me enjoying Lynne’s presentation – several times I wanted to shout out either in support or disagreement, and that is a pretty good indicator that the session rocked.

I’ve also enjoyed Derek Featherstone‘s presentation on moving beyond compliance for accessibility on the web. Feather is very good at placing the discussion on a very practical level.

So is Teale Shapcott, who talked about how she focused on usability issues into the development of Suncorp websites. This is one that I will definitely be downloading once the Slideshare version goes up: Teale offered a wealth of practical tips and check lists for issues.

Oops, there goes the gong for the first post-lunch session ….

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