My Family’s Keeper, by Brad Haddin

My Family's Keeper, by Brad HaddinHazel has yet another book coming out next week – her fourth this year.

My Family’s Keeper is Australian cricketer Brad Haddin’s memoir of how his family dealt with his baby daughter’s cancer diagnosis.

It’s not so much a cricket book as a human drama in which the narrator is a cricketer. I’m reading it now and it’s a cracker.

If you’re looking for Christmas presents, also take a look at Hazel’s other recent book, Anything Is Possible, the life story of young Melbourne magician Cosentino.

Apart from anything else, the publishers have gone all out to make this a special book design-wise. Beautiful, and a great read. There are places where you literally hold your breath, truly.

End of sale spiel for my wonderfully clever wife.

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