Mosaic by Ros BradleyRosalind Bradley is an Australian who has worked in PR and marketing for organisations including the Fred Hollows Foundation.

Ros was in London at the time of the 2005 bombings, and what she saw inspired her to approach prominent Australians to share their selections of favourite prayers and reflections.

The book Mosaic is the result.

Rosalind’s deliberate aim was to bring prayers and reflective thoughts from different faiths together, to “help build bridges, foster mutual respect and assist in the ‘dialogue of living’ in Australia’s multicultural and spiritually diverse society.”

As Ros herself has a Jewish heritage, had an agnostic upbringing, was baptised and confirmed Anglican as a young adult, worked for the Methodist Church and became a Catholic in later life, she is eminently qualified to undertake such an exercise.

Out of 450 people approached, more than 165 provided a range of inspiring material, allowing Ros to construct a mosaic of spiritual inspirations that incorporate and transcend any particular church or faith to step deeply into the territory of what makes us human.

Respondents included Justice Michael Kirby, Cardinal George Pell, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, Archbishop Mor Malatius Malki Malki, Professor Peter Singer, Rabbi Jacqueline Ninio, Dr Ruby Langford Ginibi , Aziza Abdel-Halim, Andrew Denton, Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton, Khoa Do, John Eales, Bruce Dawe, Betty Cuthbert, Tom Uren and a host of others: some obvious, many surprising, all combining to cover the gamut of established and alternative spiritual perspectives.

I was lucky enough to be commissioned to build a website for the book, which has just gone live.

As you can tell, I was very taken with the book and its subject matter – I only hope I’ve done it some justice with this website.

It’s by no means a complicated site, and hopefully all the more effective for being kept simple.

From a design perspective, this is one of the very few occasions I have used a liquid layout. Realistically, I think this is one of the very few occasions where the content actually suited a liquid layout, even when viewed on a full screen width of 1600 pixels or more.

Otherwise, I felt fortunate to be working with extremely powerful text content – mostly by its nature already formatted into bite-sized morsels – as well as a strong colour palette drawn from the book’s clever cover design, and the clear and direct functional aim of generating interest in the book with a view to selling more copies.

And I feel unaccountably proud that two of my web clients are contributors to this book: Dr Helen Caldicott and Andrew Buchanan.


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