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brilliant orange

It must be a year ago that I stayed overnight with my brother in Melbourne, and he told me about this book. He made it sound fascinating, and I said I’d make sure to look it up. Naturally, I forgot all about it. Until a month ago, when @vanderwal mentioned it in a tweet. I […]

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html5 for web designers

At last year’s Web Directions South conference, there was a session presented by Lachlan Hardy on The Open Web, a topic that until then had seemed to me impossibly esoteric and arcane. Could have been the name that threw me, I dunno. Anyway, Lachlan made perfect sense of it all by explaining it logically and

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the mcfarlane prize 2009

I love books. I grew up surrounded by books and people who value books, in an ordinary middle class suburban home. Growing up a migrant kid, books helped me orient myself in an Anglo culture without forgetting I was born European. Books continue to enrich my life on a daily basis. These days, an important

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I’ve had the pleasure of reorganising our home library over the last few days. By library I mean our total collection of books, rather than a purpose-specific room to house them. That comes later. The 2,600+ books we have are in fact spread across our house: living room, office, rumpus room, kitchen and bedrooms. They

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rocket surgery made easy

Steve Krug is the author of the bestselling book Don’t Make Me Think!, which has racked up worldwide sales of 250,000 since its publication in 2000. That book based its approach to assessing and improving the usability of websites on the injunction in the title. If visitors to websites have to figure out what to

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reading list

Stella Miles Franklin Jill Roe, Fourth Estate, 2008 I have an abiding interest in Australian literature. This Christmas present from Hazel is 570 pages of bliss. Kylie Tennant: A Life Jane Grant, NLA, 2006 Which reminds I’ve yet to read Hazel’s last birthday present, on another of my favourite writers. Bulletproof Web Design Dan Cederholm,

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on luck

Working with a range of interesting clients brings its own rewards. One of them is reading Anne Summers’ body of work, which now includes On Luck, a book in the Little Books on Big Themes series from Melbourne University Press in which prominent Australians address a topic in about 10,000 words, published in pocket-sized hardback:

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don’t make me think

When I started working in IT, I acquired a reputation for having an ‘affinity’ with computers. This was, of course, complete nonsense. All I did, that no-one else seemed to do, was read the manual. That’s not always a small feat, given that many computer-related manuals seem to have been written by people for whom

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rock’s backpages

You have to bear in mind that significant portions of my life have been characterised by some essentially incompatible habits. From the mid 1970s to the mid 1980s I was a student and then a working actor, mostly in theatre-in-education, moving from shared house to shared house and often from town to town. I also

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