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Well, that year flew past. I’ll give a more detailed account soon but, for now, suffice to say SitePoint kept me pretty busy in 2013. I left in December and a mere month later I’m ready to again pick up the digital pen. I’m going to start with a review of the seventh issue of […]

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reading list

Title: Insites: The Book Author: Keir Whitaker and Elliot Jay Stocks Publisher: Viepwort Industries Link: Why: Twenty interviews with 21 of “the most inspiring designers, developers, and businesspeople in the web and tech industries” in a very classy 256 full colour softcover boxed set.

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what’s wrong with my designs?

I occasionally get emails from people wanting advice on how to be successful in the web industry. I’m no expert, mind you, but I’ve been through a fair bit myself and I’ve seen other people go through a lot more, good and bad. I’m happy to pass on what I’ve learned. Mostly, I reply personally

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miles burke

I was this week voted on to the Committee of the Australian Web Industry Association (AWIA), as part of a process that will see the Web Industry Professionals Association (WIPA) unite with AWIA to form a single national industry body. At the same AWIA AGM, outgoing Chair Miles Burke was made a life member, and

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freelancing and loyalty

A couple of items today gave me pause for thought, both related to the business of running a business. The first was a passing comment made by a person I admire greatly, Miles Burke, who has graduated from being a web design freelancer to a full-on entrepreneur, businessman and model of success in the web

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a-team presentations

Presentation files for the highly successful WIPA tour of ARIA and HTML 5 workshops by Bruce Lawson and Steve Faulkner in November/December 2010 are now available online. Yes, the image on the left does come from the prezzo files. Going under the title The A-Team, the dynamic duo sold out their venues in Sydney, Melbourne,

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wipa aria-html5 workshops

Bookings are now open for the ARIA and HTML 5 workshops in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane. Perth bookings will be available in the near future. You can make bookings on the WIPA site. Seeing as it’s only $60 for WIPA and AWIA members ($90 non-members) for three and a half hours with Steve Faulkner

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wipa aria-html5 workshops

I should explain some of the references in that last post. WIPA is the Web Industry Professional Association, “an organisation that brings Australian Web professionals together to exchange ideas, participate in debate, advance education and promote ethical practice”. More information will be made available shortly (ie as soon as I write the next newsletter) about

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html5 for web designers

At last year’s Web Directions South conference, there was a session presented by Lachlan Hardy on The Open Web, a topic that until then had seemed to me impossibly esoteric and arcane. Could have been the name that threw me, I dunno. Anyway, Lachlan made perfect sense of it all by explaining it logically and

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