Who I Am, by Pete Townshend

Who I Am, by Pete TownshendReading update. The Eric Clapton book was great reading but honestly what a self-obsessed git!

I could put up with the “and then I had to catch a plane to meet the fabulous yacht that would take us around the Greek islands” stuff but when you crash your Ferrari into a delivery van and you don’t even mention whether anyone other than yourself was hurt …

And now I’ve moved on to the Pete Townshend memoir Who I Am (yet another of a lifetime of hand-me-downs from Andrys Onsman).

Well, for a start, Pete is a lot more articulate and literate than EC, although the topics are largely the same: it’s not cheating if it doesn’t feel like cheating, I wish I’d realised earlier how talented I am, it’s uncomfortable being comfortable about making a lot of money, and look what a nice chap I am despite it all.

I’m loving it, of course.

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