The Animals in That Country, by Laura Jean McKay

he Animals in That Country, by Laura Jean McKayJust finished The Animals in That Country by Laura Jean McKay. Another utterly extraordinary book (and many thanks to Ian Pidd for the recommendation).

I still have a lot to think about. Apart from the current pandemic echoes, I found the family/not-family ties deeply affecting.

And told, or revealed, in such a strong first person narrative voice from a sometimes knowing, sometimes and unknowing participant in the action. That’s tricky, but this is super confident writing.

I’m still coming to terms with the whole understanding animal speech thing, but those voices are so clear, and it’s all both universal and utterly Australian.

That’s three amazing feats of imagination turned into words in a row (and all three seriously heart- and gut-wrenching, at that).

I’m going to have read another rock bio just to recover.


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