SkiClipDespite finding my time limited by taking on editing and writing work with print and online publisher SitePoint (more on that shortly), I’m continuing to put together some new websites as well as taking care of my stable of longer term web clients.

This includes putting together a site for a little commercial venture for a product called SkiClip. It’s a clever little product designed to hold skis together as they’re being carried around: simple but effective, which naturally became the keynotes for the website.

I’ve given it an HTML doctype, but I can’t really call it an HTML5 site in that it doesn’t use the new semantic elements when it could have. That may still happen – in fact as I write this I’m feeling myself pretty well obliged to.

I don’t want to make this a New Year’s resolution or anything (a surefire recipe for failure, as far as I’m concerned), but I would like to be more consistent in my approach to coding this year.

We’ll see, eh?

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