Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled EggsI posted this photo on Facebook and was a bit surprised that several people asked me for the recipe. I suppose there a few different ways to do scrambled eggs, so here’s mine.


3 medium (or 2 large) eggs
50ml light cream
knob of butter
half a chorizo sausage
tsp cooking oil
60gm baby spinach
half a dozen medium field mushrooms
Spread for toast


1. Mix the eggs in a bowl, add cream and mix in. Don’t overmix (ie, don’t whip it), just mix thoroughly.
2. Halve sausage lengthways, then each segment lengthways again, then slice horizontally into bite-size pieces.
3. Halve the mushrooms.
4. Prepare your toast. Place in center of plate.
5. Heat two small frypans, one to medium heat, the other medium-high.
6. Put the spinach in the medium heat frypan, allow to just wilt.
7. Put the sausage and mushrooms together in the medium-high frypan with the teaspoon of oil.
8. Take the wilted spinach out and place on plate to one side of the toast.
9. With tongs, turn the sausage and mushrooms.
10. Wipe out the other frypan, add knob of butter to melt.
11. Add egg mix to buttered frypan.
12. Remove sausage and mushrooms from pan and place decoratively around toast on plate.
13. Stir eggs, barely folding them to ensure even cooking. Do not stir a lot, just fold them through.
14. When eggs are barely cooked, ie still a bit runny, tip them on to the toast.
15. Serve with a shake of salt and pepper.

Serves one.


Use any kind of cooked or smoked sausage you like and chop it any way that suits you.

For the toast, I like to use ciabatta bread, either two slices off a loaf or a roll halved.

I use olive spread for my toast, butter or margarine is fine.

I use canola oil, any cooking oil is fine.

You only need a teaspoon of oil for the mushrooms and chorizo as oil will cook out of the sausage and coat the mushrooms.

From the time you put the mushrooms and sausage in the pan until you serve up should take about five minutes. This is why you prep before you start cooking.

You’ll find the eggs continue to cook for a bit so they’re just set when you plate them up.

It’s doable with only one frypan if you do the sausages and mushroom first, then the spinach, then the eggs.

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