REMOThere are some interesting places on the web. There are some very good shops online. There are some brilliantly designed websites. There aren’t all that many sites that ooze charm, intelligence and wit as well as being brilliantly designed, interesting and a very good shop.

I love REMO.

Call me retro, call me nostalgic – go ahead, call me old. I loved REMO when it was a shop on a corner of Oxford St in Darlinghurst (Sydney) in the late 1980s. I loved its print catalogue. I loved its window displays. I loved its staff.

Now, with the physical shop long gone to Gowings (don’t worry if you don’t know what that means, shed a tear if you do), I was surprised to see that owner Remo Giuffre was both a sponsor of the previously mentioned Web Directions 06 conference and an active presence (laptop showing some lovely design work) at the same event.

I shouldn’t have been surprised. What could be a better fit than standards compliant, cutting edge, user friendly web design and THE purveyor of stylish, essential ephemera that sought to address customers’ hitherto unknown deepest desires?

If none of this makes sense, or if it does, just go to REMO.

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