introducing html5

This is a particularly timely book for me. It’s quite a different kettle of code to Jeremy Keith’s HTML5 for Web Designers. That book explained how I could confidently starting using HTML5 with my existing and planned web projects. This book, Introducing HTML5 by Bruce Lawson and Remy Sharp, goes into much greater detail about […]

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brilliant orange

It must be a year ago that I stayed overnight with my brother in Melbourne, and he told me about this book. He made it sound fascinating, and I said I’d make sure to look it up. Naturally, I forgot all about it. Until a month ago, when @vanderwal mentioned it in a tweet. I

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ab communicates

Andrew Buchanan is a remarkable person. Not only does he know more about personal communication skills than anyone else I know, he has a singluar ability to draw the best out of people. He brings to his consultancy AB Communicates a rare combination of a highly technical understanding of how people communicate and a gift

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html5 for web designers

At last year’s Web Directions South conference, there was a session presented by Lachlan Hardy on The Open Web, a topic that until then had seemed to me impossibly esoteric and arcane. Could have been the name that threw me, I dunno. Anyway, Lachlan made perfect sense of it all by explaining it logically and

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Conroy’s Internet Filter

This is really getting ridiculous, now. I assume you know that the Australian Government plans legislation that will require Australian ISPs to block web pages that contain material that has been “refused classification” under our existing censorship system. Senator Stephen Conroy seems convinced that this is something the Australian population wants, even though no-one has

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fifa world cup 2010

Just for the record, my World Cup predictions are: Australia will beat Ghana and Serbia to qualify 2nd in Group D behind Germany. Australia will then play England, who will beat them. Others to make it to the second round will be France, Mexico, Argentina, Nigeria, USA, The Netherlands, Cameroon, Italy, Paraguay, Brazil, Portugal, Spain

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the mcfarlane prize 2009

I love books. I grew up surrounded by books and people who value books, in an ordinary middle class suburban home. Growing up a migrant kid, books helped me orient myself in an Anglo culture without forgetting I was born European. Books continue to enrich my life on a daily basis. These days, an important

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julie mccrossin

I’ve been given another opportunity to redesign an existing client’s site. In some lines of work, this might be regarded as a failure of the original work, but the web is developing so fast and in so many different ways that it’s almost a requirement to review any web presence on a regular basis to

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living is easy

John Petrozzi is an enterprising and dynamic chiropractor based in inner west Sydney. His Leichhardt practice gives him strong local roots, but his vision extends to improving the health of as many people as he can reach. Among his diverse range of projects is a weekly 30 minute radio show called Living is Easy on

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russell vale scouts

Working on pro bono websites continues to be an excellent way for me to hone my skills. The website for Russell Vale Scouts is my latest effort, and a good example of a very local group working within a global organisational structure. Or perhaps a better way of putting it is that Scouts is a

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