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Hope Endures by Colette LivermoreI launched a site today for a remarkable woman called Colette Livermore.

Colette was 17 when she saw a video that inspired her to become a nun and join Mother Teresa’s order the Missionaries of Charity. She worked with some of the poorest people in the world – in India, the Phillipines and Papua New Guinea – for 11 years from 1973.

By the time she left the order, her faith in Mother Teresa, the order, religion and God had been sorely tested and found wanting.

She returned to Australia, studied and qualified as a doctor but, rather than settling into a cushy practice, she plied her medical trade among the isolated aboriginal communities of the Outback and in war-torn East Timor.

Her book Hope Endures has been published in Australia and the USA, and I was lucky enough to be commissioned to build her website.

This entire project took me just two weeks, while I was working on two other brand new sites as wellas the usual barrage of ACSSO-related work.

I felt very comfortable, however, as most aspects of this projects played to me design and development strengths. Having built sites for a range of books, authors, publishers, journalists and editors, I was very clear on what the expectations of the site would be.

Colette had also collected her site content very well, and I was able to incorporate some terrific text, audio and video. The big aks was how to organise it and give it a suitable look and feel.

On the whole, I think it’s gone well in such a short time.

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