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Here and now begins a new era, that of Flyman Partners.

Flyman Partners is a web consultancy that draws together my skills and experience as a web designer and developer and those of my partner in life, love, parenting and now business: writer, editor and content manager extraordinaire Hazel Flynn.

Between us we have a formidable track record in creating, managing and distributing a range of content for the web, print and broadcast industries. This is our shop window.

Hazel has been a non-fiction publisher for Random House Australia, commissioning editor for Murdoch Books and editor-in-chief of NeoNeighbourhood. She is a published author and has written and/or edited content for pretty much all of Australia’s periodical print publications at one time or another.

Not one to be tied down to just print and web, Hazel is also an experienced radio presenter and producer, and was resident book reviewer for James O’Loghlin’s evening show on ABC Radio from 2004-07. Not surprisingly, she maintains her own website at

We figure that between us we have a very complete approach to presenting information – in any format, to any audience – for fun and profit.

From now on, this site will be more focused on my personal interests, most of which are already evident in my posts: theatre, books, music, social responsibility, kids, the past, the future … you know.

I’ll be writing work-related posts at Flyman Partners. If you run into someone who needs a bloody brilliant website that’s full of goodness and will do what they want it to, send them on over to

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