fifa world cup 2010

World Cup 2010Just for the record, my World Cup predictions are:

Australia will beat Ghana and Serbia to qualify 2nd in Group D behind Germany.

Australia will then play England, who will beat them.

Others to make it to the second round will be France, Mexico, Argentina, Nigeria, USA, The Netherlands, Cameroon, Italy, Paraguay, Brazil, Portugal, Spain and Chile.

The finalists will be England and The Netherlands.

The Netherlands will win the World Cup.

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  1. As if!! As much as I want Australia to go through, I can’t see it, bro. Paraguay and Chile are big calls too. And despite the fact that I have put money on NLD to win, I think it will be Germany – Spain in the final, with Argentina and Brazil for 3 and 4. But I am really hoping for a dark to cut a swathe through the usual suspects. If Serbia get it all together they might do it.

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