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All Of Us

Following another review in The Saturday Paper, I looked up online a play that is part of the UK’s National Theatre At Home subscription streaming service. The play I was interested in is All Of Us, which tells the story of Jess, a woman who is a therapist, has a doctorate in psychology and has …

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Copenhagen Cowboy

It’s not very often that a newspaper review inspires me to watch a particular film or TV series, but I have to admit if it wasn’t for Peter Marlborough’s article in The Saturday Paper, I probably wouldn’t have watched Copenhagen Cowboy. I’m really glad I did because it’s an extraordinary piece of work, a TV …

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American Gangster

I was flicking around the streaming services last night and came across a movie called American Gangster. Released in 2007, it stars Denzel Washington as a 1970s drug boss and Russell Crowe as the cop who nails him. That sounded interesting enough. I started watching and found it engaging enough to stay up much too …

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What I’m Watching

Gee, there’s some great things to watch on telly at the moment. Here’s four that I’ve found irresistible. Mr Inbetween (Foxtel, Binge): Australian drama about a hitman. Scott Ryan wrote and produced this and plays the lead character of Ray Shoesmith, an army veteran who starts the series as a bouncer at a nightclub with …

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Kindred is a fascinating little movie, and definitely worth catching if you can (the festival circuit is probably your best bet). It was born out of a recognition that there has not so far been a great deal of science fiction cinema featuring indigenous Australians, even though there is rich ground to be mined around …

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the combination

We’ve met some great people since moving to the Illawarra. Among the new friends we’ve made who live locally are Anousha Zarkesh and David Field. Anousha is a casting director while David is an actor I’ve admired for a long time – since I saw him working with Don Mamouney at Sidetrack Theatre in the …

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