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Big Monkey IncI’ve been working with WordPress a fair bit lately, either inserting a WP blog component into an otherwise static site (such as the Colette Livermore and Anne Summers sites) or basing a whole site on a WP structure, whether the site has a blog component (such as the Corrimal Nippers website) or not (such as the Teco website).

The latest result is a site I designed for Big Monkey Inc, a Tasmanian theatre company specialising in performances for young people.

The company wants to be able to post and update news articles about upcoming productions and performances, so a WP set-up proved ideal.

I’m certainly happy with the result, and I think the company is too – I hesitate only because I don’t think the full functional benefits are yet apparent to them – but they will be.

One slight oddity is that my WP sites never seem to get proper launches, mainly because I have to make them “semi-live” so that the client can both see them and practise using them.

This site has kind of been live since early December, but the final handover was today.

Not that a ‘launch’ is really that important for most of my clients, but it does provide a satisfying “Curtains up!” feel that I otherwise miss.

Anyway, the Big Monkey site is live now and I’m calling it my first site of 2009, which – given that I started out as an actor in Tasmania – is itself highly satisfying.

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