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bellavistaSpeaking of vacation accommodation, I’ve just finished another website, this one for a townhouse for holiday rental in Citerna, Italy.

It’s run by an Australian couple now living in Italy, Marius and Christine Webb.

Marius is well-known as one of the creators of 2JJ Radio (now Triple J), while Christine was publisher of cult style magazine Stiletto, was a creative director at News Ltd and is also a gifted photographer and painter.

The web designers among you can see my problem, can’t you?

Brief: build a website for an Italian vacation rental property that will satisfy two highly experienced media hounds, journalists who know images and text, understand style, are more than a little familiar with cool – and don’t really know much websites.

They also have a fair dash of marketing nous and have heard of search engine optimisation and the remarkable results it can achieve.

Did I mention that my clients live in Italy? Actually this wasn’t a hassle at all. We had one intercontinental phone call and the rest was all email.

These are people who can express themselves clearly.

That also brings, of course, the distinct advantage that these two produced all the content themselves, not least Christine’s stunning photos (which are not done justice on the site).

They were also keen to learn about web page layout, web copy writing, image management for the web, style sheets, screen resolutions etc etc.

And because we’re all old hands, no-one got flustered at mid-development changes of direction in either text content or design elements.

I only hope one day I can get overe there and stay in the place myself at some stage – it looks fantastic.

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