There are some interesting places on the web. There are some very good shops online. There are some brilliantly designed websites. There aren’t all that many sites that ooze charm, intelligence and wit as well as being brilliantly designed, interesting and a very good shop. I love REMO.

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I don’t think of myself as a news junkie, but I do like newspapers. I find the stream of content that newspapers provide pretty irresistible. I’ve now found a site called PressDisplay that aggregates content from “350 newspapers from 65 countries in 35 languages”. OK, there are plenty of news aggregators out there, but there

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google reader

I’m loving the whole blog thing. I’m a newcomer to having my own blog, but I’ve set up a number of blogs for clients and I’m an avid consumer of other people’s online thoughts – that’s largely how I pay attention to the people I pay attention to (see sidebar). The one drawback is that

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neo power

On Wednesday, I went to the launch of this book by Ross Honeywill and Verity Byth. The authors, former directors of KPMG Consulting, have come up with a way of describing consumer behaviour that is markedly different from the baby boomer, gen x, gen y school of thought that categorises people according to when they

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theme time radio hour

I’ve always been an admirer rather than a fan of Bob Dylan. While some of his songs have touched me, I’m more respectful of his status as a great American musical poet than empassioned by his work. However, I have a whole new take on the man after listening to his one hour XM Satellite

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web directions south

Those who know this site will see that there has been a major overhaul – obviously not the first, and certainly not the last. What brought this one on? Well, I’ve just spent two days being inspired, challenged and stimulated by some of the most inspiring, challenging and stimulating speakers on matters web-related. I had

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