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You have to bear in mind that significant portions of my life have been characterised by some essentially incompatible habits. From the mid 1970s to the mid 1980s I was a student and then a working actor, mostly in theatre-in-education, moving from shared house to shared house and often from town to town. I also […]

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arty fufkin

As Paul Simon nearly said “I’m the first to admit it – I’m the last one to know”. The WD06 conference in September was the first time I’d come across mashups – the use of two or more web applications to create new blended content that is greater than its parts. An (already) classic example

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suburban songbook

Bob Evans is the alter ego of Kevin Mitchell, front man for Jebediah, a WA band I’ve been fond of since their Slightly Odway album of 1997. Nice thrashy guitars, a strong backbeat, poppy and loud. Bob released an acoustic solo album in 2003 called Suburban Kid, recalling for me other favoured singer songwriters like

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don chipp foundation

Another site goes live today. This is one that’s tinged with a certain sadness, but also embodies a certain defiance. The Don Chipp Foundation is the research arm and think tank for the Australian Democrats, the political party founded by Don Chipp to ‘keep the bastards honest’. A lot of people are writing the Democrats

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In the course of redeveloping a website for an industrial peak body over the last few weeks, I needed to identify a good content management system. I needed an end-user friendly system that would allow my client’s non-tech savvy staff and members to log in to separate areas to update information as well as provide

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the village

The term ‘global village’ still gets tossed around to convey the reach and sensibility of the web, but we shouldn’t forget about the ‘local village’ either. Some things you just can’t get from a screen or a headset. Like the excitement of performers in the flesh, so close you can touch them, making magic happen.

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wizards of oz

I don’t know whether it’s a matter of cultural cringe, but my pride in Australian achievements in web development remains tinged with surprise. Australians are apparently known for a statistical tendency to be early adopters of new technology – when it’s offered to them – but it still seems to me that we punch well

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There are some interesting places on the web. There are some very good shops online. There are some brilliantly designed websites. There aren’t all that many sites that ooze charm, intelligence and wit as well as being brilliantly designed, interesting and a very good shop. I love REMO.

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I don’t think of myself as a news junkie, but I do like newspapers. I find the stream of content that newspapers provide pretty irresistible. I’ve now found a site called PressDisplay that aggregates content from “350 newspapers from 65 countries in 35 languages”. OK, there are plenty of news aggregators out there, but there

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google reader

I’m loving the whole blog thing. I’m a newcomer to having my own blog, but I’ve set up a number of blogs for clients and I’m an avid consumer of other people’s online thoughts – that’s largely how I pay attention to the people I pay attention to (see sidebar). The one drawback is that

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