the principles of beautiful web design

It shouldn’t surprise that a book about beautiful design is beautifully designed. Still, Jason Beaird and the Sitepoint editors do such a great job of applying The Principles of Beautiful Web Design to the book itself, it’s worth remarking on. Like the best web sites it describes, this book has rich content, is well-structured and […]

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the money club

A new site went live today, for the forthcoming publication of The Money Club, an updated edition of a book first published in 2001 by my wife Hazel when she was at Random House Australia. Hazel is now Commissioning Editor at Murdoch Books (whose website is also my work) but the authors, who like many

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mccarthy mentoring

There’s a lot to be said for keeping it simple. The latest website to emerge from the Onsmansion is for McCarthy Mentoring. Wendy McCarthy has been a client of mine for several years and we’ve taken her personal website through a few incarnations in that time. When Wendy brought her daughter Sophie on board to

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qwerty v dvorak

I haven’t completely pondered all the implications of this, but I’m sure it means something. I’ve previously sung the praises of my favourite online store REMO, purevyors of many nifty and beautiful things. In a recent newsletter, REMO advised that they were offering a new t shirt featuring the Dvorak keyboard. They even provided an

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energy efficient home design

Another pro bono site went live today. This one is somewhat larger than the CIWF Australia web page, a website for a chap by the name of Daniel Boon (!), who wrote a booklet called the Guide to Energy Efficient Home Design and cold-called me (well, cold-emailed) on the basis of my work on the

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I’ve been following an interesting path in the last few weeks. As well as starting on a couple of new website commissions and fulfilling my regular client content management obligations, I’ve been working on what amounts to a spate of newsletters recently. There are aspects to this kind of work that generate some heat. There

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juniper films

Another site I designed and built went live tonight. Juniper Films are documentary film makers who specialise in capturing stories and images of the South Pacific. Their 30+ year history is also marked by a pretty handy sideline in chronicling lives and events in the Australian arts industry. A highly enjoyable project, this one. Just

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tooling australia

It’s probably time I owned up to this one. That might sound like an odd way to add another site to my portfolio, but the Tooling Australia project is a bit different to the others. It’s been built for Internet Explorer, for a start. Yes, that is the browser that is used by – as

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this way to the sea

My fourth site launch in the last three weeks – will the madness never end? Still and all, I’d rather have too much work than not enough. I’m still not quite convinced that this web design / development bubble won’t suddenly burst. This website is for a book called This Way to the Sea, a

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