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what makes an article great?

You may be aware I work for SitePoint, arguably the leading publisher of resources for web designers and developers in the world. Until recently I was the day to day Managing Editor of, the flagship of a growing network of websites devoted to helping professionals and dedicated amateurs keep up with developments in web technology. […]

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the satyr

I had a lovely trip to Sydney with my family this past weekend. The main reason for the trip was to allow Hazel and I to go and see The Giacomo Variations, thanks to Christmas present tickets from Hazel’s sister Aileen, an experience I wrote about here. I also had the opportunity to catch up […]

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ruth park

It’s probably no real surprise that it takes something non-webby to get me back to the blog. In this case, yesterday’s death of writer Ruth Park has prompted me to write. Park’s story is one of lyrical romance and harsh reality, both in her books and her life. She famously won a 1946 newspaper prize […]

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a filter-tipped web?

Senator Stephen Conroy, Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, wants to “address the range of issues and challenges faced by families when they are online”. He has proposed legislation to “require all ISPs to block material rated Refused Classification that is hosted on overseas servers”. What Senator Conroy has suggested goes well beyond […]

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