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the cottage, merricks north

I don’t mind having the occasional wrestling match with search engine optimisation and search marketing, but when a long term client said they had a vacation property on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula they wanted to promote with a website, I wasn’t initially enthusiastic. That’s a tough market, with some unfair advantages built in for certain players […]

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lars rasmussen

I had to chuckle at the caption accompanying this photo for the Sydney Morning Herald’s story today on Google’s tenth anniversary. “Kate Vale and an engineer, Lars Rasmussen, at Google’s office in Darling Park.” Being a Lead Engineer for Google Maps clearly didn’t impress the journos too much. They probably wondered how a lowly engineer

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search summit

I had the pleasure of attending Search Summit 2007 this week, which bills itself as “THE Australian Search Marketing Conference”. That would be a big call for any conference, let alone one that focuses on what is now called ‘the search industry’, but it lived up to the billing. The speaker who was probably most

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