Books Read

Books in bold are the dozen that have had – and continue to have – the most influence on me and how I do my work.

Accessibility for Everyone. Laura Kalbag. A Book Apart, 2017
Adaptive Web Design. Aaron Gustafson. Easy Readers, 2011
The Art & Science of CSS. Adams, Bolton, Johnson, Smith & Snook. SitePoint, 2007
The Art & Science of JavaScript. Various. SitePoint, 2007
The Art & Science of Web Design. Jeffrey Veen. New Riders, 2000
Art Direction for the Web. Andy Clarke. Smashing Books, 2019
The Basics of User Experience Design. Interaction Design Foundation, 2019
Best of Smashing Magazine. Various. Smashing Books, 2011
Better WordPress Development. Various. SitePoint, 2017
Bit Tyrants. Rob Larson. Haymarket Books, 2020
Build Your Own ASP.NET 4 Website. Various. SitePoint, 2011
Build Your Own Database Driven Web Site Using PHP & MySQL. Kevin Yank. SitePoint, 2009
Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Web Applications. Patrick Lenz. SitePoint, 2007
Build Your Own Web Site the Right Way Using HTML & CSS. Ian Lloyd. SitePoint, 2006
Build Your Own Wicked WordPress Themes. Various. SitePoint, 2010
Bulletproof Ajax. Jeremy Keith. New Riders, 2003
Bulletproof Web Design. Dan Cederholm. New Riders, 2005
Click! Paul Boag. Smashing, 2020
Colour Accessibility. Geri Coady. Five Simple Steps, 2013
Combining Typefaces. Tim Brown. Five Simple Steps, 2013
Communicating Design. Dan M. Brown. New Riders, 2010
Content Strategy for the Web. Kristina Halvorson. New Riders, 2012
The Content Strategy Toolkit. Meghan Casey. New Riders. 2015
Conversational Design. Erika Hall. A Book Apart, 2018
CSS Animations. Val Head. Five Simple Steps, 2013
CSS Secrets. Lea Verou. O’Reilly, 2015
CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions. Andy Budd. Apress, 2009
The CSS3 Anthology. Rachel Andrew. SitePoint, 2012
CSS3 Essentials. Various. Smashing, 2012
CSS3 for Web Designers. Dan Cederholm. A Book Apart, 2010
The Cult of the Amateur. Andrew Keen. Crown Business, 2007
The Dance of the Possible. Scott Berkun. Berkun Media, 2017
A Deep Dive into Machine Learning. Ed Adam Roberts. SitePoint, 2018
Design Ethics. Mike Monteiro. Scout Books, 2017
Design for Hackers. David Kadavy. Wiley, 2011
Design for Real Life. Eric Meyer & Sarah Wachter-Boettcher. A Book Apart, 2016
Design’s Iron Fist. Jarrod Drysdale. Studio Fellow, 2014
Designing for the Web. Mark Boulton. Five Simple Steps, 2009
Designing UX: Forms. Jessica Enders. SitePoint, 2016
Designing with Web Standards. Jeffrey Zeldman. New Riders, 2003
Designing with Web Standards. Jeffrey Zeldman with Ethan Marcotte. New Riders, 2009
Developing with Web Standards. John Allsopp. New Riders, 2009
Digital Compassion. Per Axbom. Eget Förlag, 2019
Don’t Make Me Think. Steve Krug. New Riders, 2000
Effective Content Editing. Lisa Reich. Five Simple Steps, 2015
The Elements of Content Strategy. Erin Kissane. A Book Apart, 2011
The Ethical Design Handbook. Falbe, Andersen & Frederiksen. Smashing, 2020
Everyday UX. Luke Chambers & Matthew Magain. UX Mastery, 2014
Everything You Know About JavaScript is Wrong. Rachel Andrew & Kevin Yank. SitePoint, 2008
Firefox Secrets. Cheah Chu Yeow. SitePoint, 2005
Form Design Patterns. Adam Silver. Smashing, 2018
Front-End Developer Handbook. Cody Lindley. Front End Masters, 2018
Future Ethics. Cennydd Bowles. NowNext, 2018
Get Ready for CSS Grid Layout. Rachel Andrew. A Book Apart, 2016
The Google Book. David A. Vise. Macmillan, 2005
Hardboiled Web Design. Andy Clarke. Five Simple Steps, 2010
The History of the Web, Volume I. Jay Hoffmann. Leanpub, 2018-19
HTLM5 for Web Designers. Jeremy Keith. A Book Apart, 2010
HTML & CSS: Design and Build Web Sites. Jon Duckett. Wiley, 2011
HTML Email. Andy Croll. Five Simple Steps, 2013
HTML Utopia: Designing Without Tables Using CSS. Dan Shafer & Rachel Andrew. SitePoint, 2006
HTML5 & CSS3 for the Real World. Goldstein, Lazaris & Steyl. SitePoint, 2015
HTML5 Games. Earle Castledine. SitePoint, 2018
The Human Firewall. Rob May. 2018
Inclusive Design Patterns. Heydon Pickering. Smashing, 2016
Interact with Web Standards. Various. New Riders, 2010
Interviewing for Research. Andrew Travers. Five Simple Steps, 2013
Introducing HTML5. Bruce Lawson & Remy Sharp. New Riders. 2010
JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development. Jon Duckett. Wiley, 2014
JavaScript Novice to Ninja. Darren Jones. SitePoint, 2014
JavaScript Application Cookbook. Jerry Brandenbaugh. O’Reilly, 1999
The JavaScript Anthology. Various. SitePoint, 2006
JQuery: Novice to Ninja. Earle Castledine & Craig Sharkie. SitePoint, 2010
Jump Start Adobe XD. Daniel Schwarz. SitePoint, 2017
Jump Start Bootstrap. Syed Fazle Rahman. SitePoint, 2014
Jump Start CoffeeScript. Earle Castledine. SitePoint, 2012
Jump Start CSS. Louis Lazaris. SitePoint, 2013
Jump Start HTML5 Basics. Tiffany B. Brown. SitePoint, 2013
Jump Start HTML5: APIs. Sandeep Panda. SitePoint, 2013
Jump Start HTML5: Canvas & SVG. Kerry Butters. SitePoint, 2013
Jump Start HTML5: Offline Applications. Tiffany B. Brown. SitePoint, 2013
Jump Start JavaScript. Ara Pehlivanian and Don Nguyen. SitePoint, 2013
Jump Start Node.js. Don Nguyen. SitePoint, 2012
Jump Start PHP Environment. Bruno Škvorc. SitePoint, 2015
Jump Start PHP. Callum Hopkins. SitePoint, 2013
Jump Start Rails. Andy Hawthorne. SitePoint, 2013
Jump Start Responsive Web Design. Craig Sharkie & Andrew Fisher. SitePoint, 2013
Just Enough Research. Erika Hall. A Book Apart, 2013
Just My Type. Simon Garfield. Profile Books, 2010
Killer UX Design. Jodie Moule. SitePoint, 2012
Learning Web Design. Jennifer Robbins. O’Reilly, 2012
Letting Go of the Words. Ginny Redish. Morgan Kaufman, 2014
Mastering CSS3. Various. Smashing, 2012
Mental Models. Indi Young. Rosenfeld, 2008
The Myths of Innovation. Scott Berkun. O’Reilly, 2007
The New CSS Layout. Rachel Andrew. A Book Apart, 2017
On Web Typography. Jason Santa Maria. A Book Apart, 2014
Photography for the Web. Paul Duncanson. SitePoint, 2010
The Photoshop Anthology. Corrie Haffly. SitePoint, 2006
Photoshop CS6 Unlocked. Corrie Haffly. SitePoint, 2012
PHP & MySQL: Novice to Ninja. Kevin Yank. SitePoint, 2012
The PHP Anthology. Various. SitePoint, 2007
Practical CSS3. Chris Mills. Peachpit, 2012
A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web. Mark Boulton. Five Simple Steps, 2009
A Practical Guide to Information Architecture. Donna Spencer. UX Mastery, 2014
Practical SVG. Chris Coyier. A Book Apart, 2016
The Principles of Beautiful Web Design. Jason Beaird. SitePoint, 2007
The Principles of Project Management. Meri Williams. SitePoint, 2008
The Principles of Successful Freelancing. Miles Burke. SitePoint, 2008
Professional Web Accessibility Auditing Made Easy. Greg Gay. Digital Education Strategies, 2018
Researching UX: Analytics. Luke Hay. SitePoint, 2017
Researching UX: User Research. James Lang & Emma Howell. SitePoint, 2017
Resilient Web Design. Jeremy Keith. 2016
Responsible Responsive Design. Scott Jehl. A Book Apart, 2014
Responsive Design. Various. Smashing, 2012
Responsive Web Design. Ethan Marcotte. A Book Apart, 2014
Rocket Surgery Made Easy. Steve Krug. New Riders, 2009
Ruined by Design. Mike Monteiro. Mule Books, 2019
SASS for Web Designers. Dan Cederholm. A Book Apart, 2013
The Search Engine Marketing Kit. Dan Thies & Dave Davies. SitePoint, 2007
The Second Coming of Steve Jobs. Alan Deutschmann. Broadway Books, 2000
Sexy Web Design. Elliot Jay Stocks. SitePoint, 2009
Simply JavaScript. Cameron Adams & Kevin Yank. SitePoint, 2007
Simply Rails. Patrick Lenz. SitePoint, 2008
The Smashing Book. Various. Smashing, 2011
Smashing Book 2: The Lost Files. Various. Smashing, 2011
Smashing Book 3 1/3: The Extension. Various. Smashing, 2012
Smashing Book 3: Redesign the Web. Various. Smashing, 2012
Smashing Book 4: New Perspectives on Web Design. Various. Smashing, 2013
Smashing Book 5: Real-Life Responsive Web Design. Various. Smashing, 2015
Smashing Book 6: New Frontiers in Web Design. Various. Smashing, 2018
Taking Your Talent to the Web. Jeffrey Zeldman. New Riders, 2001
Technically Wrong. Sarah Wachter-Boettcher. Norton, 2017
Think First. Joe Natoli. Twofold, 2015
Tragic Design. Jonathan Shariat & Cynthia Savard Saucier. O’Reilly, 2017
Transcending CSS. Andy Clarke. New Riders, 2006
The Ultimate CSS Reference. Tommy Olsson and Paul O’Brien. SitePoint, 2008
The Ultimate HTML5 Reference. Ian Lloyd. SitePoint, 2008
Universal Principles of Design. William Lidwell , Kritina Holden & Jill Butler. Rockport, 2010
Usability of Web Photos. James Chudley. Five Simple Steps, 2013
The Usability Kit. Gerry Gaffney & Daniel Szuc. SitePoint, 2008
Weaving the Web. Tim Berners Lee. Orion Business Books, 1999
Web App Success. Dan Zambonini. Five Simple Steps, 2011
The Web Designer’s Roadmap. Giovanni DiFeterici. SitePoint, 2012
A Web for Everyone. Horton & Quesenbery. Rosenfeld Media, 2013
Web Standards Creativity. Various. Apress, 2007
Web Standards Solutions. Dan Cederholm. Apress, 2004
The WebP Manual. Jeremy Wagner. Smashing, 2018
Web Typography. Richard Rutter. Ampersand Type, 2017
The WordPress Anthology. Mick Olinik & Raena Jackson-Armitage. SitePoint, 2011
WordPress Themes in Depth. Jeff Starr. Perishable, 2014
Writing in Markdwon. Matt Gemmell. Five Simple Steps, 2015
You’re My Favourite Client. Mike Monteiro. A Book Apart, 2014