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Both Hazel and Ricky have extensive experience in writing to order.

Hazel’s career encompasses 25 years of writing and editing for print, the web and radio.

Highlights include co-writing a national best-selling non-fiction book, editing stand-alone magazines and weekly magazine sections, writing corporate publications and speeches, book reviewing and radio script-writing.

Hazel writes across the style spectrum, from straight reporting and profiles to humour and opinion pieces.

Having started at ABC Radio as a producer and sometime presenter, she understands the art of accurate yet speedy research and the skill of writing scripts for others that sound like their own words.

Several years at Horan Wall & Walker, which had an extensive copy-to-order division, brought experience in editing and in writing to any house style on virtually any subject (stockbroking tips, gardening advice, entertainment picks, travel features and much more for clients as diverse as The Daily Telegraph, The Australian, Australian Dr Weekly and Qantas Airways magazine).

A stint in media liaison for the NRMA provided a solid understanding of corporate needs and sensitivities. Hazel was then headhunted for the start-up of Who Weekly magazine, where she created an offbeat statistical column, reviewed films and books, wrote feature profiles, edited the 6-8 page Inside Scoop entertainment news and humour section, and edited highly successful stand-alone magazines on Seinfeld and The X-Files.

Her years as publisher of non-fiction at Random House and commissioning editor at Murdoch Books required a discerning eye for reader story appeal and quality writing, and left Hazel with an enhanced reputation for managing the sometimes fraught balance between artistic aspirations and commercial realities.

In 2004 Pan Macmillan commissioned Hazel to work with Hazel Hawke’s daughter Sue Pieters-Hawke to write Hazel’s Journey: A Personal Experience of Alzheimer’s. The project required great sensitivity in order to tell the full story of this beloved figure’s life with the disease. There was a very short deadline: just 13 weeks from initial meeting to finished manuscript. The book was critically acclaimed, became a national bestseller and was shortlisted in that year’s Human Rights Awards.

Hazel’s period as Editor-in-Chief of drew on and further developed her understanding of the particular nuances of writing for a web audience: how to make text content compelling, informative, digestible, timely and actionable.

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