“Parents and school communities deserve the best possible information service; and when we decided to redesign our website and communication services we were fortunately able to engage Ricky Onsman to help us plan a total redesign and redevelopment, aiming for consistent high quality presentation, usefulness and impact, responsive to the rapid pace of change across the whole field of education – all this at a price we could afford.At our national conference a guest speaker publicly declared the results ‘the most interesting and informative site in education’ – with Ricky’s expertise and fast, flexible cutting-edge operation, we are confident we can keep it that way – and make it even better!”

Rupert Macgregor
National Projects Manager
Australian Council of State School Organisations (ACSSO)

“After years of looking for the right person to help me design and run my website I was very lucky to meet Ricky Onsman who was able to anticipate exactly what I was looking for and who has helped to maintain and upgrade a site that continues to attract a very large response from around the world.

I am very grateful to Ricky for keeping me online and in helping me to communicate constantly with the people I am trying to reach. I very much appreciate his skills and talents, and also his responsiveness to my needs (which change all the time). I can recommend him – and have done so! – to anyone who wants to start a website.”

Anne Summers
Author and journalist

“Thanks for being so creative, reliable and easy to work with. Put that together with your ability to deliver for a very competitive price with ongoing support – I’ll tell the World!”

Peter Wall
Wall Media

“Ricky’s great skill as a website designer, creator and maintainer is his capacity to listen. A website is part of your identity. He is able to listen and help you develop the kind of ‘face to the world’ you want to put into cyberspace. Ricky maintains my site, including an events calender that I update almost daily. He is very quick and reliable.”

Julie McCrossin

“As the coordinator of a small NGO, raising the organisation’s profile in a cost effective way is important to me. I was therefore very pleased with the work Ricky Onsman did on the Don Chipp Foundation’s web site.

Ricky was able to ensure that people searching the words ‘don chipp’ were quickly directed to our site. Furthermore, he constructed a site which is both professional looking and easily navigated. I found Ricky was able to use his initiative and develop a site which suited our organisation very well. He did so with minimal direction, leaving me free to work on other projects.

I am very pleased to recommend Ricky Onsman as a web designer and I will continue to work with him in the future.”

Siobhan O’Sullivan
The Don Chipp Foundation

“Ricky Onsman developed a very customer-friendly web site for Financial Education Professionals Pty Ltd. What we liked about his work was its down-to-earth approach, without too many bells and whistles. And it works. Our customers buy off our site and they can easily follow quite technical information. We would recommend him to any business looking for similar outcomes.”

Bill Warner
Financial Education Professionals Pty Ltd

“After trying a few web developers and designers, we were very relieved to discover Ricky Onsman. Apart from being passionate about the success of our website we really appreciate that he speaks to us like any normal human and doesn’t expect us to understand Computer Geek.

Ricky considers anything we suggest and has worked hard to find solutions to our (numerous) ideas and dilemmas. So now we have a website that works well but best of all is easy to use for our staff and – most importantly – our clients.”

Matt Walter
Blue Dog Posters and Prints

“Ricky Onsman has done a superb job with my website. He has an excellent eye for design and ease of navigation. He also updates it lickety-split. He has made my website a useful tool for me. I am pleased to commend his work.”

Helen Caldicott, M.D.

“The Murdoch Books website contains a variety of information and resources for booksellers, media contacts and consumers. Ricky responds efficiently and effectively to keep our website up to date and provides valuable input where details may have been overlooked in our briefs.

As the amount of material we want to offer on our website increases, Ricky works collaboratively with us to develop cost-effective solutions to our requirements, all of which can be achieved by expanding the structure he designed.”

Mary-Jane House
Marketing Manager
Murdoch Books

“What a relief to find someone who does not talk technobabble at you but actually listens to what you want and need and how much you can afford and customises a website to your specifications.

What I loved was the way Ricky was able to maximise the potential of my site, devoted to selling prints of photographic images, making it attractive, clear and accessible to potential clients. Orders increased as a result, and the site can easily be refreshed and brought up to date at a minimal cost.

Ricky has a good eye and is very responsive to suggestions and came up with lots of alternative and options. He made the process fun instead of a chore. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Caroline Baum

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